Before & After install

Before an install: Wash your majesty unit(s) thoroughly & gently. Allow unit(s) to dry before you install. If you choose to wash your majesty unit(s) while installed, do not get any type of moisture near nor on your scalp! It is very important your own hair stays dry during installs.


After an install: Wash & detangle your own hair as well as your majesty extensions. Be sure to always store your unit(s) properly.


How to properly detangle

As you would your own hair, detangle your majesty extensions starting from the ends & work your way up the rest of the hair gently with your preferred brush or comb.


How to properly wash

Be sure to wash your majesty extensions with cool water. Shampoo & condition unit(s) as you would your own hair. Feel free to use leave-in and deep conditioners.



How to dye/Create custom color

For the best result, purchase extensions from our Russian Blonde collection if you would like a custom color. Please be sure to get your majesty extensions dyed by a professional.




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